CD Information

Good Vibrations:  Relaxation Music. Very gentle sounds of Moyo Drums with light percussion.

Caravan Dance:  World Music.  Upbeat music including Moyo Drums and world instruments. Middle Eastern vibe.


NEW!  Guided Meditations with Dhavani Drums.  4 tracks 10 minutes each with affirmations to improve your life. Vibrational Therapy.

Serene Solfeggio:  Relaxation Music.   4 tracks of Dhavani Drums in Solfeggio Tones.

Moyo Chant:  Relaxation Music.  One 60 minute track of Moyo Drum, Chinese flute and Gregorian chant.


Peace On Earth:  Back Tracks for Playing Moyo Drums.  16 play along tracks for Native Style Flutes. Play with keys Am, Dm, F#m, or Em.


432 Blessings:  Relaxation Music.     7 tracks of assorted drums in A432 tuning.

Moyo Meditations:  Guided Meditaions for each Chakra with corresponding Moyo Drum in the background.  Vibraional Therapy.


Advanced Flute Back Tracks:  16 Play along tracks, NOT Native style.  Blues, Jazz, Easy Listening styles.  Break out of your box and play something new! Not designed for beginners.