2017 Show Schedule

June 3-4 Body Mind Spirit Expo, Tinley Park, IL

July 15-16 Body Mind Spirit Expo, Austin, TX

September 9-10 Whole Expo, Durango, CO

September 29-October 1 Sweetgrass Flute Festival, Cedar Rapids IA


General Information on Steel Tongue Drums

Steel tongue drums can also be known as hand pans or hank drums.  Some are made with lasers or CNC plasma machines which add lots of heat to the steel.  Some are made in other countries with steel of lower quality. Some have finishes applied that look beautiful but also add heat or thick coatings that effect the sound.   Visionhawk Music instruments are made by hand by Rick & Linda.  We focus on sound throughout our manufacturing process.  Every choice we make including the tools or finishes we use are based on the sound quality of our drums.  We use only US made steel and cut every drum by hand, adding no extra heat which can negatively effect the metal.  We make all our products, the drums, bags, sticks, table stands, and all the other products we offer. So many people have told us how amazing our drums sound compared to other instruments like this they have heard.  Lots of owners of other steel tongue drums have purchased one of our drums because of the high sound quality.