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Moyo Drums are available in 16 different scales and 15 colors.  Custom orders allow you to choose paint color, custom motifs or electric pick up. Click SHOP below to see online drums on sale available to ship NOW!

Each Full Size Moyo Drum includes a Fleece Lined Shoulder Bag, 1 pair Rubber Ball Sticks and a Padded Table Stand.

Each Yami Drum (smaller size and weight) includes a Fleece Lined Drawstring Backpack and 1 pair Rubber Ball Sticks.

New! Yami Drum, the Moyo Drum little sister. Only 9” diameter and only 5 lbs, very portable! Plays extremely easily by hand, but can be played with the rubber ball sticks, included with this style. No need for a table stand, rubber feet added to the bottom of the drum. Includes a drawstring backpack. Small size and our higher tones return! Available in F#, Gm and High Am. Scroll down to see all 3 of new Yami Drum videos.

Click "shop" above for stock drums available on sale today. If you have any questions or need help choosing a drum, please call us at (559) 360-8808.

Pueblo Drum - Ancient Wisdom Drum A440

Custom Order   $375

Access Ancient Wisdom of The Universe

D - Integral Scale

Play with Dm, Am, Gm and Em flutes

Creativity, Manifestation, Caring, Trust, Intuition, Balance                                          

Cm - Balance Drum

Custom Order $340

Balance Body Mind and Spirit

Grounding, Listening, Balance, Intuition, Meditation

Pueblo Drum - Played by hand

This Drum is excellent with Native American Style Flutes.

Play with Dm, Em, Gm or Am flutes.

C# - Divine Community Drum

Custom Order $340

Deeply Connect with Your Local and Global Community

Trust, Intimacy, Happiness, Inclusiveness, Kindness, Integrity 

Em - Divine intuition Drum

Custom Order $340

Empowerment, Focus, Creativity, Ideas

Intuition, Listening, Wisdom, Love, Creativity, Introspection

Yami Drum High Am - Joyful Drum

Custom Order $275

Experience Infinite Creativity, Bliss, Joy and Love

Acceptance, Greater Self Worth, Intimacy, Happiness, Joyful, Fun Loving

Dm - Physicial Healing Drum

Custom Order   $340

Physical Relaxation and Healing Energy

This drum has a note for every Chakra in the body based on Vedic Sound Healing.  No crown Chakra note.  This drum is best for music therapy for physical healing.  Excellent for use in hospitals and healing centers.

C-Peace, E-Power, D-Beauty, G-Joy, F-Love, A-Light

Low Am - Awakening Self Drum

Custom Order $340

Grounding, Power, Improve Sleep and Reduce Pain

Deserving, Integrity, Creativity, Intuition, Beauty, Detachment

Play barefoot on the grass

Spiritual Yearning Drum

Custom Order $360

Open Portals to Divine Possibilities

Plays with 7 NAF flutes -

Am, Em, Dm, Bm, F#, Cm or Gm

Great to take to your Flute Circle

Security, Emotion, Integrity, Caring, Intuition, Purity

Synchronicity Drum - Diatonic Scale

Custom Order  $340

Fully Appreciate Meaningful Coincidences

Concentration, Listening, Intuition, Power, Trust, Intimacy

Yami Drum F# - Passion Drum

Custom Order $275

Heighten Your Resolve To Live Your Passion

Passion, Meditation, Intuition, Creativity, Divine Connection, Trust

Yami Drum Gm - Psychic Drum

Custom Order $275

Awaken The Psychic Powers Within

Trust, Introspection, Honesty, Authenticity, Self Esteem

Bm - Prosperity Drum

Custom Order   $340

Amplify Your Ability to Manifest

Visioning, Manifestation, Peace, Creativity, Compassion. Power

Conscious Connection Drum

Custom Order $360

Effortless communication With The Divine

B - Integral Scale

Play with Bm, Em, F# and C# flutes

Open Communication, Clarity, Self-esteem, Authenticity, Concentration, Trust

Chakra Set

Any 3 Moyo Drums purchased together $950

This set is designed with 3 Chakra Drums.  In Vedic Sound Healing - Root Chakra C#drum, Heart Chakra F# drum, and Crown ChakraBm drum.

Purchase any 3 drums at the same time for only $950 - additional charge for Pueblo Drums or Special Tunings


Violin and Cello Drums

This set may be purchased individually or together in the pair.

Sold Individually - Custom Order   $340

Sold Together - the pair - Custom Order $670

These drums are designed using the notes of the strings on a violin and a cello.  The Violin Drum has higher tones and the Cello Drum is all deep low notes. Tuned by order in A-440 or A-432.

Violin Drum - Creativity Drum

Creativity, Introspection, Choice, Clarity

Cello Drum - Meditation Drum

Grounding, Creativity, Listening, Meditation

Yami Drum G# minor - Energizing Love Drum

Custom Order $275

Open your heart to your deep connections to all life.

Peace, Caring, Trust, Integrity, Motivation, Wisdom, Creativity