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Learn to play your steel tongue drum with confidence and greater enjoyment!

Rick and Linda Dunlap of Visionhawk Music

Rick and Linda Dunlap of Visionhawk Music

How To Play Steel Tongue Drums Video Course

How To Play Steel Tongue Drums Video Course

Course 1 - Level Beginner

How to Play Steel Tongue Drums

This course includes information to help you get started and feel confident playing your steel tongue drum.

Videos included in this course:

  • An introduction to the course and Visionhawk Music.

  • Playing with rubber ball sticks.

  • How to label the notes on your drum for deeper learning.

  • Playing Patterns - we include practice time after each new pattern is introduced.

  • Tips on how to play by hand

  • Playing with padded mallets and the different sound created by these accessories

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Coming Soon

We are working now on 4 more video courses.

Courses will include:

  • Ways to use your drum that you may not have considered

  • Playing with other instruments

  • Advanced playing techniques and recording tips

  • Sound Therapy information

Stay tuned for the courses that interest you or contact us to be added to our video course email list.