Custom Drum Order

Customize your own drum with our numerous options on the left.  Fill out the contact form on the right with your custom selections and a Visionhawk Music drum artist will contact you with information on your order.

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$10 - Color Shift Blue

This smooth metallic finish shifts from blue to purple in the light.

Select Custom Additions

$15 - Small Custom Additions:  Energy Swirl, OM, Angel, Lizard or a single Dragonfly in the center of the drum.

$30 Large Custom Additions:  Oak Leaves, Maple Leaves, 5 Dragonflies, 3 Lizards,  & 2 tone Moab Man

$100 Electric pick-up with an XLR jack.  The XLR jack allows you to plug any standard microphone cord into your Moyo Drum and plug the other end into your recording unit, public address system, or amplifier.


Visionhawk Music values its customers and their privacy.  Your information will not be stored or sold to third party interests.  This contact form will allow the Visionhawk Music drum artists to contact you in order to design and create a customized drum just for you.

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