Visionhawk Music Steel Tongue Drums and Accessories
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Moyo Drums

Steel Tongue Drums in A-440 tuning

New! Yami Drums, the “little sister” to the Moyo Drums. Only 9” diameter, only 5lbs, very portable with a great lower price too! Scroll down to watch an introductory video or click on “Moyo” at the top of this page to see the new Yami Drum videos.

Dhavani Drums

Steel Tongue Drums in A-432  and more

 Including our Bhakti Drum in 528 hertz


The Best Sound Quality Steel Tongue Drums Specializing in Low Tones

Handmade Music Therapy Instruments

10 years experience making steel tongue drums - always made with US steel.


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Custom Orders Available

If you do not see the key or color you are looking for, please contact us about a custom order.  Your drum can be made in any scale, any tuning, any color. Click on "contact" at the top of the page.

Available Now! Learn To Play Your Drum - Video Courses


Moyo Drums

Moyo Drums are the finest quality steel tongue drums available.  Each drum is made by hand with no heat applied, which can alter the sound of these types of instruments.  We seek for the best sound quality through our manufacturing process and our sound dampening yarn band.  Most of these drums have pentatonic tuning so all the notes sound great together.  We also make drums inspired Hang Drum Integral scales. All Moyo Drum scales are related to pentatonic scales in A-440 tuning that play beautifully with western instruments, especially Native American Style flutes. 

New! Yami Drum, the Moyo Drum little sister. Only 9” diameter and only 5 lbs, very portable! Plays extremely easily by hand, but can be played with the rubber ball sticks, included with this style. No need for a table stand, rubber feet added to the bottom of the drum. Small size and our higher tones return! Available in F#, Gm and High Am.

Dhavani Drums

Dhavani Drums are steel tongue drums, hand made from the same high quality materials and care as the Moyo Drums but are designed with  alternative tunings with specific spiritual and therapeutic qualities.  These drums are best used for yoga, meditation, relaxation, Chakra healing or Music Therapy.

Music CDs and Additional Product

New! Learn To Play Your Drum Video Courses

  Music CDs of the Moyo and Dhavani Drums!  Guided Meditation CDs

Drum Instruction Book

Native American Style Flute Bags


2018 Show Schedule

March 15-17  Body Mind Spirit Celebration, Denver, CO

April 13-14  Gift of Light Expo, Cleveland, OH

June 21-22   Summer Solstice Flute Festival, Midway, UT

July 20-21 Body Mind Spirit Expo, Austin, TX

Sept 14-15  Body Mind Spirit Expo,  Columbus, OH

September 28-39  Sweetgrass Flute and Nature Festival, Cedar Rapids, IA



General Information on Steel Tongue Drums

Steel tongue drums can also be known as hand pans or hank drums.  Some are made with lasers or CNC plasma machines which add lots of heat to the steel.  Some are made in other countries with steel of lower quality. Some have finishes applied that look beautiful but also add heat or thick coatings that effect the sound.   Visionhawk Music instruments are made by hand by Rick & Linda.  We focus on sound throughout our manufacturing process.  Every choice we make including the tools or finishes we use are based on the sound quality of our drums.  We use only US made steel and cut every drum by hand, adding no extra heat which can negatively effect the metal.  We make all our products, the drums, bags, sticks, table stands, and all the other products we offer. So many people have told us how amazing our drums sound compared to other instruments like this they have heard.  Lots of owners of other steel tongue drums have purchased one of our drums because of the high sound quality.  We have been making steel tongue drums for 10 years, and we are most proud of our low tones.  Other drums may have more notes, all high, but we make drums with 6-8 notes so we can offer great low tones.  The lower the tone the larger the tongue so to get great low tones you can't have as many notes.