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Stock Drums Available Now!

We are making new drums now. 

A few stock drums are available in our store, more coming soon. 

If you do not see the key or color you are looking for, please contact us about a custom order.




Moyo Drums

Moyo Drums are the finest quality hand made, steel tongue, drums available.  These drums have pentatonic tuning so all the notes sound great together, with an extra note in the center that creates additional sounds. They are designed in minor pentatonic scales in A-440 tuning that play beautifully with western instruments, especially Native American Style flutes. 

Dhavani Drums

Dhavani Drums are hand made from the same high quality materials and care as the Moyo Drums but are designed with ancient scales, alternative tuning, or specific spiritual and therapeutic qualities.  These drums are best used for meditation, relaxation or Music Therapy.

Accessories and Additional Products

         Native American Style Flute Bags, Fun Women's Scarf Clothing,  Music CDs of the Moyo Drums and Dhavani Drums plus any other creative endeavors!


2017 Show Schedule

March 17-19 Body Mind Spirit Celebration, Denver, CO

April 7-9 Body Mind Spirit Celebration, CO Springs, CO

June 3-4 Body Mind Spirit Expo, Tinley Park, IL

July 15-16 Body Mind Spirit Expo, Austin, TX

September 9-10 Whole Expo, Durango, CO