Music Therapy

Custom steel tongue drum

There are two primary schools of ancient music or sound therapy.  The Vedic system from India and the Tibetan system.  Both of these ancient systems use musical notes or frequencies that correspond to the Chakras of the body.  Chakras are energy centers in the body that correspond to neural networks branching out from the spinal cord and glands of the endocrine system.  When our energy centers are balanced, all of our life experiences become more balanced.  Balancing the Chakras can improve each of us physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Sound, color, thought, belief or any vibration can alter our state of consciousness.  Using the vibrations of sound can create feelings of enthusiasm and energy or feelings of calm and relaxation.  Everyone is different and we will each experience sound differently.

The Vedic System

7th Chakra - Crown   B

6th Chakra - Third Eye   A 

5th Chakra - Throat   G

4th Chakra - Heart   F

3rd Chakra - Solar Plexus   E

2nd Chakra - Sacral  D

1st Chakra - Root  C

The Tibetan System

7th Chakra - Crown   B

6th Chakra - Third Eye   E 

5th Chakra - Throat   A

4th Chakra - Heart   D

3rd Chakra - Solar Plexus   G

2nd Chakra - Sacral  C

1st Chakra - Root  F

Personal Uses

Visionhawk Music Instruments are being used all over the world for Meditation, Prayer and Music Therapy.

To use these instruments for prayer or meditation:

Creat an intention for your prayer or meditation.  I like using single words.

Peace, Power, Beauty, Joy, Love, Light or Wisdom are very effective.

Sit comfortably with the drum in front of you, or on your lap.

Take several slow, deep cleansing breaths.

Begin very slowly and gently striking the drum on a single note or a very simple pattern of notes.  Mentally repeat your intention word as you play.  Allow your thought and intention to resonate with the drum.

Be sure to continue breathing slowly and evenly.

Repeat the note or simple pattern for 5 to 10 minutes or longer if desired.


To use these instruments with affirmations:

Write an affirmation using strong positive statements.  Begin your affirmation with "I deserve..." or "I accept..."

Use the previous instructions, replacing the silent focus word with your affirmation, stating it out loud.  Use feeling and emotion as you repeat your affirmation.