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Moyo Drums are the finest quality, hand made, steel tongue drums available.  These drums have pentatonic type scales so all the notes sound great together. No musical ability is needed to play and enjoy a Moyo Drum.  All Moyo Drums are tuned to A-440.  

We specialize in low tones.  Our drums have 6-8 notes so you get the best sound quality with great low notes.

Your Moyo Drum may be played by hand or with the mallets provided.

Each drum comes with a shoulder bag, rubber ball mallets and a table stand.

Stock Drums Available Now!

More Moyo Drums are being built now.  Check back regularly for more Moyo Drums in our online store.

If you do not see the key or color you are looking for, please contact us about a custom order.

New! Yami Drum, the Moyo Drum little sister. Only 9” diameter and only 5 lbs, very portable! Plays extremely easily by hand, but can be played with the rubber ball sticks, included with this style. No need for a table stand, rubber feet added to the bottom of the drum. Small size and our higher tones return! Available in F#, Gm and High Am

Moyo Drum Virtual Player

You can test the sounds of Moyo Drums by playing yourself on our virtual player. Touch or click on the notes yourself to hear the sounds and how they blend with each other. Several scales are available to test yourself.

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