Alternat tunings steel tongue drums

The Santam Drum includes hertz tones 256 and 384.  When these two tones are played together it creates a natural relaxation response in the body.  Additional information on this research can be found in the book "Human Tuning" by John Beaulieu.

Solfeggio Tones were decoded from the book of Numbers in the Bible.  They are a series of 9 numbers that create a perfect numerical circle of tones.  The third note is 396 hertz and the fifth and center note in this scale 528 hertz.  We have included both these tones in the Bhakti Drum.   Additional information on the Solfeggio tones can be found in "The Book of 528" by Leonard Horowitz.

This Anahata Drum is in an F minor pentatonic scale, tuned in A432 hertz.

A-432 means these drums are tuned to 432 hertz. This is a tuning that compared to western music is “flat”, meaning it has a lower tone. However this tone is softer and more gentle than A-440, standard western tuning. It creates a gentle peaceful sound. The only drawback to A-432 is that it will not sound good with other instruments tuned to A-440.