Each drum includes a Shoulder Bag, Rubber Ball Sticks, and a Padded Table Stand

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Bhakti Drum - Solfeggio Healing Drum                        Custom Order   $395                                                    Solfeggio Tones    528 hertz and 396 hertz 

Bhakti is Sanskrit for Devotion or Love of God.  The high note at the top is 528 hertz, the Solfeggio miracle tone.  The low note at the bottom is 396 hertz for releasing guilt and fear. 

G - Release, Joy                                                                       A - Meditation, Light                                                                 C - Trust, Peace                                                                        D - Creativity, Beauty                                                                E - Intuition, Power                                                                   C528 - Miracles


Pueblo Drum-  Ancient Wisdom Drum                        Custom Order   $425

The Pueblo Drum designed in D Integral scale, a cross between a D minor pentatonic and a D major pentatonic.  Tuned in A440, this drum plays well with Native American Style Flutesin the keys of   D - A - G - E

D - Creativity, Beauty                                                                A - Manifestation, Light                                                           Bb - Caring, Wisdom                                                                 C - Trust, Peace                                                                         E - Intuition, Power                                                                    F - Balance, Love

Lalita Drum - Manifestation Drum                               Custom Order   $395

Lalita is Sanskrit for Lovely, Beautiful or Elegant.  This drum is in D major pentatonic scale and tuned in A432 hertz.

C - Creativity, Beauty                                                                D - Motivation, Light                                                                  B Confidence, Wisdom                                                             E - Flow, Power                                                                       F# - Authenticity, Love

Santam Drum -  Peace Drum                                        Custom Order   $395                                                        

Santam is Sanskrit for Peaceful, Calm or Tranquil.  The low note, 256 hertz, and the note just to the left, 384 hertz, create a relaxation response in the body when played together.

C - Grounding. Peace                                                               G - Integrity, Joy                                                                       A - Good Decisions, Light                                                        D - Safe Boundaries, Beauty                                                     E - Patience, Power    


Pueblo Drum Played by Hand

When you play this drum by hand you can get wonderful shaker or brush sounds from the heavy texture.  When you add the electric pick up it is not only louder, but more sensitive to you touch. 

Electric Pueblo Drum Custom Order   $525


Violin and Cello Drums                                                       This set may be purchased individually or together in the pair.

Sold Individually - Custom Order    $395

Sold Together In The Pair - Custom Order   $750

These drums are designed using the notes of the strings on a violin and on a cello.  The Violin Drum has higher tones and the Cello Drum is all deep low notes.

Violin Drum - Creativity              Cello Drum - Meditation

D - Creativity, Beauty                    C - Grounding, Peace         A - Introspection, Light                 D - Creativity, Beauty          G - Choice, Joy                             G - listening, Joy                 E - Clarity, Power                           A - Meditation, Light                        

Sound Healing Drum                                                     Custom Order   $395                                                              This drum has a Sound Healing Tone for each Charkra.

Available in A440, standard western tuning, or A432 tuning.

D - Creativity, Beauty                                                                G - Honesty, Joy                                                                       A - Understanding, Light                                                           B - Caring, Wisdom                                                                   C - Trust, Peace                                                                         E - Intuition, Power                                                                    F - Compassion, Love                                                                


Anahata Drum - Heart Chakra Drum                           Custom Order   $395

Anahata is Sanskrit for Heart Chakra.  It is designed in an F minor pentatonic scale, tuned in A432 hertz.

F - Kindness, Love                                                                  Ab - Open Communication, Joy                                           Bb - Caring, Wisdom                                                                 C - Security, Peace                                                                 Eb - Patience, Power


Pueblo Dreamer - Spiritual Path Drum                           Custom Order   $395

The Pueblo Dreamer is designed in F Integral scale, a cross between and F major pentatonic and an F minor pentatonic.

F - Compassion, Love                                                               C - Trust, Peace                                                                      C# - Safety, Peace                                                                  Eb - Clarity, Power                                                                    G - Purity, Joy                                                                         Ab - Integrity, Joy